I had to take a break last week from wrapping up the week’s gaming news and putting a big floppy bow on it, thanks to a 103-degree fever (40 degrees for you not-Americans). But now I’m back! I’d say “Better Than Ever,” but I’d be lying.

Anyway, this week we’ve got a Stranger Things adventure game, some sort of Duke Nukem resurrection, the long-awaited return of ToeJam and Earl, and WB goes “Just kidding, we’re bringing Mortal Kombat XL to PC after all.”

This is gaming news for August 22 – 26.

Hail to the (fallen) king

Signs this week point to a Duke Nukem resurrection of some sort. The Duke’s website has been especially active this week, with a “Happy 20th Anniversary” banner (celebrating twenty years since Duke Nukem 3D), a bold “COMING SOON” and a countdown that peters out on September 2—the day, coincidentally, that Gearbox is holding a panel at PAX.

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