It’s been surprisingly busy for a three-day workweek in July. An Evil Genius 2 announcement? Explosion-filled trailers? More Mass Effect DLC rumors? That MMO nobody played shutting down?

All that and more, as we recap gaming news for the week of July 3 to 7.


Do you have a soft spot for your Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor nemesis? Mine had been horrifically burned at one point, and also managed to get his head trapped in some sort of metal cage thing. I killed that fool over and over again and somehow he kept popping back up like a bad bedbug infestation.

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic, Monolith’s just announced you can bring your ol’ pal over to Shadow of War later this year. You’ll need to install Shadow of Mordor again and boot up its new “Nemesis Forge,” at which time the game will prep an export for the October sequel.

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