Where to get the best deals on Fitbit activity trackers this month.

Where to get the best deals on Fitbit activity trackers right now


Now it’s 2018 your new years resolutions are kicking in, and activity trackers are super popular. Fitbits will be the #1 choice for many looking to get more healthy in 2018. Most Fitbit users keep their healthy promises longer thanks to the great app and challenges with friends, colleagues and family.

Fitbits have ruled the fitness tracker market for years, and the current line-up is better than ever thanks to the introduction of the company’s first fully fledged smartwatch, the Ionic.

If you’re thinking of buying a Fitbit, you can find great deals and discounts if you know where to look. Here, we bring you the best Fitbit deals we’ve found.

Best Fitbit deals available now

Until January 13 Fitbit is running a New Year’s sale in its Fitbit Store. The US Fitbit Store offers discounts on all trackers except for the Flex 2 – while the UK Fitbit Store focuses on the Ionic, Charge 2 and Alta HR only.

The Ionic is down £50 from £299.99 to £249.99 (in the US it’s down $30 to $269.95). The Charge 2 is down £40 from £139.99 to £99.99 (in the US it’s down $20 to $129.95). The Alta HR is £30 off at £99.99 (in the US it’s $20 off at $129.95).

There are many Fitbit deals to be had. Below you’ll find our pick of the best available today including the popular Fitbit Charge 2 for just £99 (£40 off) at Amazon, where at the time of writing you’ll also find the new smartwatch Fitbit Ionic also £60 off at a bargain £239. There’s also up to £30 off the Fitbit Alta, depending on size and colour choice. The Alta HR can be found for up to £40 off.

UK retailer Boots also has some great Fitbit deals online, with the Charge 2 selling for under £100.

Which Fitbit should you buy?

There are seven activity trackers in Fitbit’s current range: Flex 2, Alta, Alta HR, Charge 2, Blaze, Zip, and the new Ionic. You may also find older models heavily reduced. Their features vary significantly, as do their prices.

If you’d prefer a discreet activity tracker that isn’t worn around the wrist, you might like the Zip. For the most impressive features and a watch-buckle wristband, look to the Charge, Blaze, Alta HR or Ionic. And for pop-clasp sitting in the middle of the range when it comes to features there’s the original Alta and the Flex 2.

We’ve got a complete guide to choosing the best Fitbit here, so spend some time researching which to look out for on Black Friday itself.

It’s worth making a note of how much the Fitbit you’re hoping to buy costs right now, and determining how much you’d like to spend on one now. Here’s a rundown of the current models and their RRPs:

 ZipFlex 2AltaAlta HRCharge 2BlazeIonic
Shop at FitbitBuyBuyBuyBuyBuyBuyBuy
Steps, Calories & DistanceYYYYYYY
Floors ClimbedYYY
Sleep Tracking & Silent AlarmYYYYYY
Sleep Stages (Light, Deep, REM)YYYY
Reminders To MoveYYYYYY
Multi-Sport TrackingYYY
PurePulse Heart RateYYYY
Cardio Fitness LevelYYYY
Onscreen WorkoutsYY
Built-in GPSY
Connected GPSYY
Call & Text NotificationsYYYYYY
Calendar AlertsYYYYY
Popular AppsY
Stores MusicY
Makes PaymentsY
Music ControlYY
Guided Breathing SessionsYYY
Fitbit AccessoriesYYYYYY
Designer AccessoriesYYY

Where to find Fitbit deals

You can find Fitbit deals around the web from various different retailers from time-to-time. It’s worth checking them all if you’re on the hunt for a great deal because you never know when a new discount might appear.

These are the most likely of places, so we’d recommend you check these first:

Don’t forget to sign up for the 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime to get access to Lightning Deals 30 minutes early, as well as free next day delivery, as we’ve seen Fitbits as part of Amazon’s daily deals quite often.

If you’re looking for more deals, visit our best tech deals page by clicking here. All our Fitbit deals are round up here.

Best Fitbit deals

1. Fitbit Charge 2

Now: £99.99  (£40 off)

2. Fitbit Fitbit Charge 2

Now: £99  (£40 off)

3. Fitbit Ionic

Now: £239.99  (£60 off)

4. Fitbit Alta HR

Now: £97  (£42.99 off)

5. Fitbit Fitbit Alta

Now: £69.99  (£30 off)

6. Fitbit Fitbit Ionic

Now: £249.99  (£50 off)

7. Fitbit Fitbit Alta HR

Now: £99.99  (£30 off)

8. Fitbit Blaze

Now: £139.99  (£20 off)

9. Fitbit Alta Special Edition Black and Gold

Now: £99.99  (£30 off)

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