Are you trying to get hold of anyone who just won’t return calls or e-mails?

It’s a common problem. It happens to me all the time! Many prospects and customers are just overloaded with phone messages. Their inboxes are overflowing. Many would actually be happy to respond to you. Unfortunately, they just don’t notice that you are trying to get hold of them.

So what’s the solution?

One strategy that often has good results for me is to direct message them on social media. People are not used to being contacted so much on social media. They are more likely to notice your message and to respond. I have had good results using this approach on LinkedIn and Facebook. It also works on Twitter, but you’ll get better results by using a tweet rather than a direct message.

Does this seem like a crazy idea?

Actually, research has shown that many high-level managers who refuse cold calls will connect and respond on LinkedIn. So it’s not just me. This method works for a lot of people. It’s just one of the benefits of using social media as part of your sales toolbox.

Here’s how this works in real life

I had one prospect who I knew was virtually impossible to contact by phone or e-mail. He wasn’t trying to avoid me. But he wasn’t good at managing phone or e-mail. I discovered that he was addicted to Twitter. If I ever needed to get hold of him I simply sent him a tweet. I almost always received an instant response!

How will you use social media to create 1-2-1 conversations with prospects?

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