The TV world has turned upside down. On the heels of OLED heavy LG announcing it will use quantum dots to produce its 2017 Super HD TVs, Sony says its 2017 XBR-A1E will be based on OLED. We’re assuming the A1E stands for A-number-one-most-excellent.

Though this might surprise some, Sony is no stranger to OLED TV. The company’s OLED mastering TVs, such as the $18,000, 30-inch  BVMX300 displayed here, have been available for years. If the new A1E series is even close to the same quality, you’ll like them.

Sony isn’t leaving LED-backlit LCDs behind. Its mainstream XBR-X930D and XBR-X940D model TVs revved a notch to E and will continue to use that technology. As with any new model, improvements such as better backlighting are touted. We will say that If the improvement of the E models over the D models is anything like the improvement of the latter over the C models, they should be very good TVs. All rely on improved phosphors (versus quantum dots) for better color range and acuity.

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