P2P allowed: Yes—select countries

Business location: Hong Kong (officially)

Number of servers: 750+

Number of country locations: 142*

Cost: $10.95 per month, or $78 for two years

Here’s the thing about VPNs: They’re built on trust. Before you pay a company to secure your internet traffic you need to trust that it’ll do what it claims. That’s what makes this review so interesting. PureVPN is a solid service with good speeds, and the right promises in its privacy policy.

purevpnmap Ian Paul/IDG

PureVPN’s map interface

But a number of PureVPN’s servers aren’t where they claim to be. The service is using what are known as virtual servers, which means a server that is supposed to be in the U.S. might actually be in Europe.

It’s a complicated topic that we’ll get into in the trust section, but first let’s take a deeper look at PureVPN.