E3 2017 is Microsoft’s big play. After falling behind early on in this console generation, it was up to Microsoft to prove that its upcoming 4K-ready console Project Scorpio was worth the extra year over the PlayStation 4 Pro, and would bring enough games to make it worth the purchase.

Were they successful? Well, that’s up to you, but there’s no question that Microsoft put the pedal to the metal both in hardware potency and the sheer quantity of software. Microsoft showed a whopping 42 games on-stage, including 22 Xbox and Windows 10 exclusives. We’ve sorted out the ones most relevant to PC gamers here.

But first, there was…

Xbox One X

Microsoft led with the big news, giving both an official name and a release date to Project Scorpio. Scorpio has been rebranded as the Xbox One X, and will release on November 7 for $500. The gist: It’s a more powerful Xbox One, “the smallest Xbox ever,” “the most powerful console ever,” and will run many of Microsoft’s exclusive games at 4K and 60 frames per second on release, with HDR being the cherry on top.

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