There’s something funny about Mass Effect: Andromeda being “the start of something new” considering a lot of it is built on old ideas. I’m talking, of course, about the Nomad. Or, if you prefer, the Mako Pt. II.

Those who played the original Mass Effect no doubt have memories of the M35 Mako, a lumbering dune buggy used to explore the (mostly empty) surface of various planets. Some of you probably have good memories.

Many of you were probably less fond, considering that BioWare stripped it out of Mass Effect 2 and 3. Gone was the Mako, and gone were most of Mass Effect’s traditional RPG systems, streamlined into something that was 50 percent talking, 50 percent shooting, and not much else. And people seemed fine with that. People love Mass Effect 2, right? They love 3 also, aside from the ending let-down.

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