How to watch Stranger Things 2, release date & trailer

Stranger Things had fans gripped in 2016 as residents of Hawkins banded together to rescue Will from the Upside Down. The finale left many questions unanswered, so it’s good to know that in October 2017 the show will return for Season 2. 

The Duffer brothers have confirmed that they will continue with Stranger Things beyond Season 2, creating a third and fourth season. The fourth season will be the last.

Once again an exclusive to Netflix, Stranger Things 2 is set in Fall 1984, and revisits the characters from season one a year on. Netflix has already revealed the chapter names for each of the nine episodes, and some details can be gleaned from trailers and interviews with the cast.

You can get in the mood for Season 2 of Stranger Things by watching the trailer at the top of this page and enjoying the soundtrack below:

Season one ended with Mike on a rollercoaster of emotions – over the moon to have Will back, but unsure what had happened to Eleven and whether he would see her again. Luckily for Mike, Eleven is set to be a main character in Season 2, and the trailer shown at Comic-Con reveals that we will definitely see her again – she’s not dead, but trapped in the Upside Down.

If Will could escape the Upside Down, there’s certainly hope for Eleven – but can we be so sure that Will returned unscathed? In the Season 1 finale we saw Will cough up something gross, which looked like a black worm. Creators the Duffer brothers suggest that Will has been affected by his experience, but we’ll have to wait and see whether they mean that physically, emotionally or both.

The finale also showed Police Chief Hopper getting into the back of a black car with some strange men. Who were they, what did they want? Season 2 will help us to get to the bottom of those questions.

New for Season 2 are Max (Sadie Sink) and her older brother Billy. While the boys are desperate to get this skater-girl’s attention, her brother is a “very scary real-world character”, according to Ross Duffer. He “is that Stephen King model of not all evil is paranormal”, says executive producer Shawn Levy.

When is the Stranger Things 2 release date? 

Stranger Things 2 will be released on Netflix on 27 October 2017.

Stranger Things 2 trailers

We’ve seen four trailers for Stranger Things 2 to date. The most recent, the final trailer, is shown at the top of this page.

This was preceded in July 2017 with a Comic-Con trailer, and before that a Super Bowl trailer (both below).

Prior to this Netflix released a teaser for the upcoming new season, which reveals the names of each of the nine episodes in the series but little else.

Those episodes are as follows:

  1. Madmax
  2. The Boy Who Came Back To Life
  3. The Pumpkin Patch
  4. The Palace
  5. The Storm
  6. The Pollywog
  7. The Secret Cabin
  8. The Brain
  9. The Lost Brother

How to watch Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a Netflix exclusive, which means you’ll either need to subscribe to Netflix or find a friend who already has done. Alternatively, if you’re prepared to watch the first series quickly enough you can simply sign up for a month’s free trial at

(Do bear in mind, of course, that if you like Stranger Things you won’t be able to get a second free trial when it returns to Netflix next year.) 

If you do decide to subscribe, one of the great things about Netflix is you can cancel at any time. Netflix charges a monthly subscription, the cheapest of which is £5.99. You can pay extra to enable Netflix streaming on more than one device at a time (you can watch on your laptop, PC, TV, tablet or phone) and to unlock HD and Ultra-HD content. Also see: How to download Netflix video

The entire first season of Stranger Things (eight episodes) is available to view on Netflix, so simply log in and use the Search function or look under Netflix Originals for Stranger Things, then tap to play. 

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