Forza 7 News: Release Date, UK Price, Deals

We’ve been waiting two years for Forza 7 to arrive, and our wait is now over. We’ll show you where to buy Forza 7, and explain what to expect.

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Forza 7 is available to buy now. The cheapest we’ve found Forza 7 is from Amazon, where it costs £41.99. GAME is a little bit more expensive, at £44.99, but you’ll find lots of bundle deals available.

You can also buy straight from Microsoft, of course, which will set you back £49.99.

That’s for the Standard Edition, and Deluxe and Ultimate Editions are also available. These will set you back £64.99 and £79.99 respectively.

When is Forza 7 coming out?

Forza 7 release date: 3 October 2017

Forza 7 is available now, but the Ultimate Edition has offered early access since 29 September.

Will Forza 7 be on PS4?

Nope, afraid not. PlayStation users will miss out on the upcoming driving game.

Will Forza 7 be on PC?

Yes. Forza 7 supports cross-platform play, which means you can play your downloaded copy on either Xbox or Windows 10. You can buy boxed copies for Xbox One, but not for Windows 10.

Forza 7 will also be supported by the Xbox One X, on which it will run at 4K 60fps.

Forza 7 News

What’s new in Forza 7?

Many things have been improved to make this arguably one of the best-looking racers yet. Here are some of the highlights. We’ll add gameplay videos as soon as we can.

Dynamic weather and lighting: As seen in plenty of other games, you now have changing weather conditions during a race. While Forza 6 introduced rain and night racing as modes, the new system means weather can change during a race. 

New cars: It was always a given that there would be new cars, but the numbers are now (almost) ridiculous. There are 700 cars in Forza 7, so there really should be plenty of metal you’ll love driving. There’s everything from the latest Porsche 911 to old-school open wheel machines. Click here to jump to the car list.

Locations: There are 30 locations with over 200 track layouts to drive. 

Driver character: One of the main new features is a focus on the driver. Turn 10 has worked hard on creating a customisable character, with both male and female options, lots of race suits, helmets and – for older cars, leathers and driving goggles. The character appears in car, obviously, but also in the game menus and to other players. At last you have a personality in Forza.

Forza Motorsport 7 release date, UK price, gameplay

Better realism: Thanks to the extra performance available on the new Xbox One X and PCs, Forza 7 should be one of the most realistic racing games you’ve ever played. From imperfections such as scuffed helmets to rattling rear-view mirrors and windscreen wipers, the level of detail goes far beyond any previous Forza title.

Forza Motorsport 7 release date, UK price, gameplay

Better sound and music: Audio is absolutely crucial in any driving simulation, just as are realistic physics. Turn 10 is promising better and more realistic sounds, having been able to sample real race-car gearbox whine and give a much better sense of the lack of sound-proofing. 

There’s no cinematic score this time around: now it’s the kind of rock music you’d expect to hear in a real-world car garage. Work has been done to better integrate this into the game, so when you’re taken from the main menu to your in-game garage, the music loses its full-bodied spectrum and sounds more tinny as if it’s coming from a radio.

And while you’re racing, you’ll hear the music in pulses as you flash past the track’s speakers. 

Forza Motorsport 7 release date, UK price, gameplay

New driver assists: In order to draw in new players, Turn 10 has added new assists and options to make the game more accessible to non-racers. For example, you can adjust how much slowdown there is when driving off track. So those new to the game, or even the genre, don’t have to be penalised for not keeping all four wheels on the tarmac.

No motorbikes: It was rumoured that bikes would be added for fans of two, rather than four wheels, but as of yet, there’s no mention of them in the game.

What are the minimum specs for Forza 7?

Here’s what your PC will need to run Forza 7 at each quality level. Turn 10 is focused on PC gamers, and to this end Forza 7 will support 21:9 monitors, multi-monitor setups and unlocked frame rate for high-end PCs.

Quality Target



System RAM

Intel CPU





Integrated GPU



30 fps

8 GB

i5-750 @ 2.67 GHz


GT 740 / GTX 650

R7 250X

2 GB




60 fps

8 GB

i5-4460 @ 3.2 GHz


GTX 670 / GTX 1050 Ti

RX 560

4 GB


Ideal (Ultra)


60 fps

16 GB

i7-6700K @ 4 GHz

Ryzen 7

GTX 1080

RX Vega 64

8 GB


Ultrabook (Mobile)


30 fps

8 GB

i5-6200U or better





Intel HD 520 or better

Forza 7 Car List

Forza 7 News: Car list

Here are the models which have been revealed thus far, including modern supercars as well as classic muscle cars and pre-war racers. Note that these lists are as published by Turn 10.




Note: At least a couple in this list aren’t actually US models, including the 2009 Focus RS and 2014 Fiesta ST. We’re not sure why these aren’t in the European list below.


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