Embroidery Printing

Embroidery Printing Seriously produces impressive embroidered clothing, fast turnaround and simple ordering at a very affordable price. That’s what Paramount Embroidery is all about.

Show us your artwork, tell us what you need and we’ll handle the rest, with durable workwear polo shirts from only £12 + vat including embroidery. Bulk discounts available.

Want the best-looking embroidery? It’s all in the digitising

Embroidery Printing wants you to know that digitising is hand-converting your artwork into a format which the embroidery machines can use, and it’s the quality of the digitisation which makes a big, BIG difference to the final result. If the digitising is bad, the embroidery is bad.

That’s why your artwork will be hand-digitised by our in-house, award-winning UK digitiser. He’ll use stitch styles, colour blending and even certain stitch angles to reflect light in just the right way. Yes, that’s really how detailed we get!

Combine that with our high-quality clothing and world-renowned Tajima machines, and you’ll get embroidery Printing with rich colours, crisp text and exceptional detail.

This expert digitising is essential if you want your embroidery up to the standard of our sample images below.

Amazing Embroidery Printing

Tshirts & Uniforms

embroidery Printing
embroidery Printing


Need custom printed garments in bulk quantities for an affordable price?

Screen printing involves pressing ink through a special fine mesh screen which applies the ink in precise locations based on the design. Multiple layers of colour are then built up to create a highly detailed, near-full colour image.

It’s the most cost-effective way to get custom printed clothing in large quantities, and at Paramount, they start from as little as £3.71 per printed t-shirt with a minimum order of only 50 items and up to 2500 or more.

Why choose Embroidery Printing  for screen printing?

  1. Quality. We’ve screen-printed hundreds of thousands of items in up to 8 colours, and with the sample images below, the results speak for themselves.
  2. Price. Pricing starts from as little as £3.71p per shirt, and our lower quantities are cheap as chips too. There are also no setup costs or hidden extras.
  3. Easy and fast. Tell us what you need, send us your artwork and receive your freshly screen printed garments. You can also choose from our huge catalogue of ready-to-print items.

Digital Garment Printing

Need great looking custom printed clothing in low quantities?

Digital garment printing, also known as direct to garment printing , uses special technology to print full-colour images directly from the computer to the clothing.

Best of all, there are no setup costs or minimum order quantities which mean that a custom-printed T-shirt costs just £20 including vat – and that’s it – with discounts available for larger orders.

You’ll be amazed at how good your printed clothes will look

Quality, speed, and service

We’ve hand-picked our Embroidery Printing clothing range to make sure every garment looks great, feels comfortable and fits like a dream. After all, top notch printing is a waste on poor quality clothes!

Turnaround is quick, and ordering couldn’t be simpler. Just tell us what you’re looking for, send us your artwork and then we’ll ship your order to your door.

Embroidery Printing