It’s been a while since we’ve taken an in-depth look at one of Corsair’s keyboards, but the K95 RGB Platinum is a great reason to return. It is the luxury sedan of keyboards, dominating any desk it graces, both in sheer size and an impressive light-show that (for the moment) outshines all its competitors. Is it a bit gaudy? Sure. Everything about it is flashy, oversized, and slightly ridiculous.

But that’s luxury, right?

Sportier design

The craziest bit is that the K95 RGB Platinum is actually slimmed down from the K90/95 of old. Where once the K90 line sported 18 (yes, eighteen) macro keys on the left side of the keyboard, the new K95 RGB Platinum now has six.

Corsair K95 Platinum IDG / Hayden Dingman

Whether it’s a cost-cutting measure, another sign that the era of macro keys is coming to a close, or just a straightforward change in design direction, there’s no disputing that it looks better. The old K90/95 had this weird trench between the backplates for the main keyboard and the macro keys, making it look like a K70 board that had been Frankensteined with 18 more keys—which for all I know, it was.

None of that here. The K95 RGB Platinum is one solid backplate, giving it a more purposeful look. As for the macro keys, they’ve been given the faux-steel texture Corsair uses on its Strafe line. (You can replace WASD and other keys with the same, if you’d like.)

The Strafe comparisons don’t stop there. While previous editions of the K70/K95 used a thin and clean sans-serif type on the keys, Corsair has been slowly moving all its keyboards to a blockier typeface. That process started with the Strafe, was folded into last year’s K70 Rapidfire, and now found its way to the K95.

Corsair K95 Platinum IDG / Hayden Dingman

I’m not a huge fan, personally—I liked the semi-professional look of Corsair’s older K70, and that it blended with both home and office. The new K95 is decidedly more game-y.

My guess is that Corsair changed the typeface to better show off its RGB lighting. In that respect, its an upgrade. With a greater translucent area on each keycap, the K95 RGB Platinum seems exponentially brighter than its predecessor, which is probably a good thing since you’re paying a premium for the lighting. The color is good, too—accurate, vibrant, and smooth.