It’s not surprising that many employees are using text to communicate with customers. Workers, like the customers they serve, have become accustomed to messaging’s intuitive structure and fast interactions.

Like customers, employees are often on the go, but always have access to their smartphones, and texting is the most widely and frequently used smartphone feature, according to a Pew Research report.

Texting the simplest, most natural way of communicating. But for businesses, it isn’t necessarily the best way. Customer threads can get lost amid a multitude of personal texts. Your employees may not be delivering messages with the right tone or the right message for maximum effectiveness. Personal texts look unprofessional, and they expose employees’ personal phone numbers to customers.

Enterprise Texting Gives You Control

With enterprise texting, you have administrative control over all your company’s messages. Employees don’t ever give out their personal phone numbers.

You can divide workers into teams and create a shared inbox for each team. A team has a single phone number customers can text. Though it appears to the customer that they’re texting one person, the whole team can view the conversation. If one person is out sick or goes on vacation, it’s easy for someone else to step in, providing customers a seamless experience.

With enterprise texting, you’re in charge of deciding who does what. For example, you may create a VIP inbox that matches large-account customers with experienced sales people. You can rearrange teams, adding or subtracting members at any time. If someone leaves the company, you can remove their access to all past conversations.

You can also create customized templates for frequently asked questions, making employee responses faster and ensuring that your company provides a consistent message that aligns with your brand.

Mining Data

Another important feature of enterprise texting is that it lets you download and archive SMS conversations. You can export them to a .txt file and store it anywhere, including an email program, where you can do keyword searches that reveal what products or topics customers are interested in.

You can search conversations to make sure your sales people follow up with the right customers. For example, if you sell electronics, you could search for conversations in the past week containing the phrase “OLED TV” to find customers who are interested, but have not yet committed to purchasing. You could then assign sales people with the best track record in selling that product to follow up with those leads.

Storing searchable texts is also helpful if you’re in a regulated industry like finance or healthcare, where audits are required.

Customers want to communicate with your business by text, and your employees are eager to oblige. But don’t settle for unprofessional personal messaging. Heymarket enterprise texting puts you in the driver’s seat, with team inboxes, custom templates, and searchable storage. Simple yet professional, it’s the best of both worlds.


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